Welcome to Fulbright Arts

I am currently working on a series of watercolor still life. Many of these paintings are inspired by my family, memories, and the world around me. I tend to paint through my feelings and my intention is to create that je ne sais quois for you in each painting. You will see this emotion reflected through the mood, lighting, theme, and the colors of each composition. Each one is special and looking for a place of honor in your home.

I am excited to announce I will be expanding into new genres and mediums in the coming year and will continue to update the gallery page with new artistic works. There are so many great vistas with people and nature that are hard to resist capturing and I long to get my adventures down with my brush and easel. So please keep checking back to see what is new!

Also, if you are interested in seeing what I post on social media each week, I would love to share it with you and have you join my page! I often post what I am currently working on and include additional art tips on FulbrightArts social media accounts. You can find the information on my contact page here.


Bluebird of Happiness 2, 9 x 12″