Artist Statement

I have always admired the living quality of watercolors and its simplicity of water and paper; however good watercolor artistry is anything, but simple to achieve.  I draw and paint because it brings me serenity and accomplishment.  My current work is focused on watercolor still life.  I paint what catches my attention with light and color and elicits emotion within me. My focus is always on better composition.

I am a contemporary realist painter.  I like the challenge of communicating what I see in life and translating it onto a two-dimensional surface.  Watercolor assists me in creating a living art form that emanates movement from the fibers of the paper.  Painting gives me joy to share it with others and inspires me to strive for excellence as I take on artistic challenges.  My greatest hope is to share my vision through my art. 

– artist Krista Fulbright